Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sammy's ear infection

About a week ago I noticed Sammy was itching his ear and took a look at it and it was a little red, and had just a little bit of what looked like scabs in it.  I cleaned it out and the next day it looked fine.  The next day I looked at it and it was red again.  I again cleaned it out and put a little Animax cream in it.  The next day it looked better.  The other day I looked at it again and his ear looked AWFUL!  It had this brown "gunk" all over it, he was itching it worse and it had a foul odor.  I called the vets and the first appt they had was Wednesday at 5:15pm.

So I took him to the vets today... this dog who is SO aggressive towards other dogs, walks into a room with 4 other dogs and does not make a peep!  In fact, he was trying to hide behind my legs and faced the corner so he didn't have to make eye contact with any of them!  They have had to whisk us away into a room real quick because he does not like other dogs.  Not today!  He was a perfect angel, go figure!  Even when this very strange looking Corgi was growling and snarling and barking at him, Sammy wanted nothing to do with it.   Weird.   I think all the exercise he's getting and getting out and seeing other dogs & people is really helping him socialize!  He also lost 4 lbs!  Woohoo!

Ok, back to the ear infection.  Dr. looks him over and checks for mites under the scope and found there were no mites (phew!)  But, he does have a yeast AND bacterial infection in his right ear :(  Dr. cleansed out his ear and medicated it and also gave me the rinse and medication to do it myself for the next week (that oughta be fun. Not.)  Dr. said dogs who have hairy ears like Sammy have a tendency to get these infections more often because the hair blocks air to get through and keeps moisture, wax and dirt in his ear, causing the infection. 

But at least it's nothing too serious and will be gone in about a week.  He already seems as if he's not in discomfort anymore.

And that's one less thing to worry about on Thanksgiving tomorrow!

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