Monday, October 19, 2009

Alexis loves her Chew-Lotta Bone

I had to go out for a few hours this morning, so I always give the dogs a special treat to keep them busy when I know I'm going to be gone for a while.  I specifically give Alexis a Chew-Lotta bone.  She loves these, and she doesn't eat them when I'm gone!  She protects it and carries it around with her the entire time.  Giving her a Chew-Lotta bone saves her from eating my carpet or anything else she shouldn't get into while I'm gone. 

And then when I get home, she starts licking it.  She never just chomps down and eats these bones like a normal dog would do - she licks and licks and licks until it gets so thin in the center it breaks!   It reminds me of that old commercial with the owl and the tootsie roll pops.  How many licks does it take to get to the center? lol 

She'll be carrying around this bone for days.  Licking and licking and licking.  Then it will break and she'll walk away from it and lose complete interest in it! 

Here's a video of her licking it when I got home. And you can hear Sammy breathing in the background, watching her like a hawk, anxiously awaiting the moment she walks away from it!

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  1. bahahaha Alexis! You are too funny! It's fun to watch a vid of you cuz of the similarities between you and Chiqi. I noticed you have a lil tail, too.. Chiqi's is barely a nub but it can still wiggle! And if anyone gets close, it's guarding time... time to guard your stuff. You are so pretty in the sunbeam and staring at your mom.. you have pretty eyes and a pretty face.

    That picture of Alaska, I found when I was googling.. it's so gorgeous. It has all the fall colors there in one picture.