Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sammy's trip to the groomers

Sammy goes to the groomers every 6 weeks.  I always have his hair cut really short around his body and he gets a sort of "puppy cut" around his muzzle.  I think he looks cutest like that.  Although after a week he looks like a chia pet all over again.  His hair grows so fast and it's so hard to manage myself.

I've blogged before about how my dogs always sleep in my bed with me.  Well this morning, I woke up and Sammy was laying on the floor right next to my bed.  Apparently he was too hot in the middle of the night and decided the hardwood floors were cooler. Wouldn't you know it was the day he had to go to the groomers?  It was almost like he was telling me that it was time to get that hair cut off.

I've attempted grooming him myself before.  The first time I took him to the groomers I had him all shaved down.  I thought he looked adorable.  And I thought, well, I could do that! How hard could it be?  I went to Wally world and bought some dog trimmers and away we went.  Got home and put him on the table in my bathroom and started shaving.  I mean, how can you mess up when shaving almost all of your dog's hair off, right?

Well good Lord.  When I was "done" with him he looked like I'd given him a haircut with the weed wacker.   Even HE was embarassed.  I tried fixing it but only continued to make it worse.  I tried covering him up with clothing but he wasn't having any part of that either.  Needless to say, he was pretty much home-bound for a few weeks until his hair started growing back and he started looking somewhat like a normal dog again.  From that point on, he goes to the groomers.  Period.  I will not even attempt it again.  I'll bathe him when I have to, and trim his nails and clean his ears and all that good stuff - but when it comes to getting his hair cut, he goes to the groomers! 

Dog hair trimmers.... $25
 Dog shampoo.... $5
Leaving the haircuts to the professionals.... PRICELESS!

Here are his before & after pics from today!


  1. Cute Sammy! Did you get the cute pic I made of Alexis?

  2. Hi Zoe! I actually tried to open the attachment but my computer would not let me. I use Firefox w/high security on this pc and I wasn't able to! Bummer :(

  3. I'll post it on my blog today! You can copy it from there.. I'm sorry about that ...but it is GREAT to have good security.. so many out there doing bad things to good peeps on the net