Friday, September 4, 2009

NEW Yogurt Flavored Munchy Bones

I was at Walmart this morning and saw a new type of "Munchy Bone" treat by Ol' Roy (Walmart brand).  It was yogurt flavored.  I bought a 21 oz bag for $5.53 and thought I'd see if it passed my dogs' approval.  They love other yogurt treats so I thought they might like these.

I get home, and of course, Alexis and Sammy's heads goes directly in the Walmart bags.  They have to inspect everything that comes in the house!  Nothing gets by these guys.  And they know that when I go to Walmart, I never come home without something for them.  Spoiled?  Just a tad.
So I let them go through the bags for a minute and then I find the bag of Munchy Bones.  The eyes just glare at the bag, watching its every move.  They hear the crinkle of the plastic bag as I open it and you can see their ears perk up and see them licking their chops, just waiting to get their treat, all not missing a beat.

I ask them "do you want a treat?"  Their tails are wagging so fast I think they might levitate off the ground.  I slowly reach in and grab the two bones and slowly take them out of the bag - the anticipation is almost too much for them!   I hand them their bones.  Sammy snaps it right up and runs into the other room to devour his new treat.  Alexis, the min-pin diva, has to sniff it all over before finally deciding it's worth her effort to take it out of my hand.  She finally takes it and runs upstairs with it.  Sammy then follows her upstairs with his.

By the time I get upstairs, Sammy has 1/4 of it gone.  Within 5 minutes it was gone.  I should have named him Hoover. 

I look over at Alexis, and she's on her blanket, just hovering over her bone.  Now here's the thing.  I kid you not - she will just carry that stupid bone around for days.  She may bury it under her blankets, under one  of her beds, in my laundry basket - but she knows just where it is, and if Sammy gets too close to it, she'll spaz and reclaim it.  Then after a few days of watching Sammy play "find Alexis' bone", she'll take a couple bites out of it, and then just drop it somewhere and not give it another thought.  So really, Sammy eventually gets both bones.

So anyways, it passed Sammy's inspection, and it passed Alexis' inspection.  (If it didn't, she wouldn't have even taken it to begin with).  Would I get them again?  You betcha.  I only wish they made the bones  a little smaller.  These are a little too large for my little dogs.  They make the smaller ones in the other flavor (beef?) so maybe if these yogurt ones become popular, they'll make them for the smaller dogs too.

So if you see these at your local Walmart, give them a try for your dog.  They got "2 paws up" from Sammy & Alexis!

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  1. There's some major cuteness going on here! LOL! I have a present for you and Alexis... you can download it here: hint: It's Berry Sweet