Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A dog who can tell time?

My min-pin, Alexis, almost always sleeps until I get her up.  Most of the time I have to force her out of bed.  She's quite lazy and would stay in bed under the covers all day if I'd let her.  She always sleeps under the covers, no matter how hot it is.  Sometimes she'll try to wake me under the covers, but very rarely will she get out from under the covers while I'm still in bed.

I use my cell phone as my alarm clock - and I only put it on my nightstand when I have to get up early in the morning.  Last night I put it on my nightstand because I had to get up unusually early this morning.  I set it for 6:30am.   This morning, at 6:15, Alexis crawled up from under the covers, came up on my pillow and put her paw on my face and started licking my face.  Like she was trying to tell me "rise and shine!".  My alarm hadn't even gone off yet, and it was still dark out. 

Now, what would possess her to do such a thing?  I actually thought it was quite cute that she did that, but also thought it was weird, as she is NOT a morning person (like myself).  By putting my cell phone on the nightstand, did that indicate to her that I was getting up early?  Did she hear me say I had to get up early and knows how to tell time? LOL 

It just makes me wonder why she did that.  It's not every day she risks her life to wake me up early, LOL


  1. Of course Alexis can tell time! And she can read your mind. She'd use language but her tongue is too thin to form plosive consonants!

  2. Don't ya love it when our pets surprise us? They like to keep us on our toes.. what a sweet lil girl. It's fun to hear Minpin stories... 'specially when they do the same cute things.. like sleeping under the covers no matter the season

  3. I've learned to not touch mom until she hits one "snooze" then on the second "snooze" I can crawl up and lick her and cuddle. Then after the second snooze I must make sure she wakes up.

    Weekends, I'm not allowed to touch her till at least 9 a.m. :)