Friday, August 28, 2009

Anyone for some Dog with Lobster Sauce?

I ordered some chinese for dinner last night. Shrimp with green beans, and a small order of shrimp with lobster sauce just to try it and see if I liked it. (Came highly recommended by a friend).

I thought the shrimp w/lobster sauce was "eh" don't think I'd reorder it again. Didn't eat much of it, there was a lot left. I threw the rest out.

So I'm upstairs working, and usually both dogs are within very close proximity to where I'm working. I look down and Alexis is sleeping on her blanket, and Sammy is no where to be found. Hmm....strange. Now Sammy is the one who really never leaves my side. If he's not near my side, he's either (1) outside (2) or somewhere in the house being B-A-D. I call for him. No response. Now, it's late and dark out so I know he's not outside because the doggie doors get closed when it starts to get late. I go to the top of the stairs and I call him again. No response. I listen and I hear a slight rustling sound coming from the living room. I just knew he was into something he shouldn't be.

I grab my camera (I always have it by my side, my dogs are always giving me material to write about!) and I slowly creep down the stairs.
I find this.

He had gotten a hold of the chinese container from the garbage can and licked it clean. Not only did he lick it clean, he got his head stuck in it, and when he finally pulled it off, his entire head was all slimy with lobster sauce. Hmph.

Needless to say, in the tub he went.

This is not my first go-round with him taking something really messy out of the garbage can. One time he marinated his entire body. Don't ask.


  1. I love garbage snacks too! That's why garbage day is my favorite day - the neighborhood is like one big buffet!

  2. LOL omg hilarious! thx for the laugh!