Sunday, August 23, 2009

Keeping your dog cool

I have a dog who is shih-tzu & pomeranian, his name is Sammy. He is very intolerant to the hot weather - he pants like crazy - and I've finally found a perfect solution to this problem.

I purchased him a "Cool Bed 3". I bought the medium size - 22x32 and it holds 3 gallons of water. Just fill with cold water and it keeps the bed nice and cool for hours.

Now, he is a big scaredy cat and was afraid of it at first because the water in it moved like a water bed. But once I put my head on it and called him over he finally inched his way over. Once he was on it, I couldn't get him off. I had to bring it upstairs as we spend most of our days up there and I think he expected me to bring the bed upstairs with him on it, LOL.

So if you have a dog who is not tolerant to the warm weather, treat him/her to a Cool Bed 3. They range in price from around $30-$65 depending on the size you want, but it is so worth it. Isn't your dog worth it?

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