Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spring is here - things to remember

Spring is finally here and my dogs are spending more and more time outside now that it's getting warmer. If you live in an area where your dogs were kept inside most of the time because of freezing temps then your dogs are probably already spending a lot more time outside like mine!

PLEASE keep these in mind when your dog is outside:

  • Water should be kept available to them at ALL times. No, it's not a law (here in NY anyways) but it's common sense. Keep the water out of the sun though! We seem to have a bee problem in our yard and if the water is left in the sun it attracts LOTS of bees. So keep the water in shade and change it at least once or twice a day.
  • Shelter should ALWAYS be available to them. Whether it's a dog house, or doggie doors that allow them to come inside if they want to - they should always have access to somewhere safe & dry should they want or need it.
  • Keep your dog on a LEASH or contained in a fenced in area at all times when they are outside. So many things can happen to them if they are left to roam wherever they want. They could get hit by a car, they could get into a fight with other wildlife (which could have rabies), they could get lost.. there are so many scenarios. Know your leash law.
  • Keep the barking to a minimum. Don't let them bark for hours non-stop, especially if you have neighbors. It's annoying to the neighbors, it could get other dogs barking in the neighborhood like a chain reaction, and it's just not nice. I have 2 dogs and only one of them is a "barker". When he's outside and starts barking, I tap on the window and he immediately stops. He might "huff" a couple times under his breath after that but he knows better. He actually rarely barks anymore, but sometimes the neighbor dog gets him going (hence the chain reaction I mentioned).
  • Make sure you keep them on their heartworm medication, and their flea & tick prevention.

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