Sunday, August 23, 2009

How spoiled is your dog?

I take a lot of slack from people who think I spoil my dogs too much. I don't think they are TOO spoiled, but yes they are a little spoiled. I don't think I go overboard though. Here's some things I do for my dogs:
  • I leave the tv on when I leave the house so they don't feel alone (and hey, maybe they want to watch something?)
  • They have their own "bathroom" inside the house (back enclosed porch) so they don't have to wait for me if I'm not home or sleeping.
  • I have 3 doggie doors installed in my home so they have access to anything they need.
  • I had a 6' tall fence installed in my back yard so it is completely fenced in.
  • In the summer I leave at least 1 room fully air conditioned if I'm not home so they can stay cool.
  • They have pillow beds & blankets available in almost every room of the house.
  • For the most part, they get a taste of whatever I'm eating (unless it's bad for them). Yeah ok, that might be spoiling them a little.
  • When I go to McD's I bring home chicken nuggets just for them.
  • They sleep in my bed. And get about 85% of it too.
  • They have little steps next to the bed so they can get into bed and down when they need to (for those midnight potty breaks!)
  • They have their own "kiddie pool" in the backyard in the summer so they can stay cool.

I don't think I do too much out of the ordinary, do you? What do YOU do to spoil your dog? I'm sure some of you go beyond what I do ... so come on, spill! I want to hear how you spoil your dogs!

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  1. I leave the tv on for my Boston Terrier whenever he is home alone. My boyfriend likes to tease me by saying: "I bet right about now he's watching cartoons & eating a bowl of cereal"...I also leave the a/c on in the summer (which is why my bill is so high), he usually gets to taste what I'm eating, he has his own sheets and pillow cases (which gets washed & changed just like everyone else's), he gets a bath in the bathtub, sometimes I get him a cheeseburger from McDonalds (just the meat & cheese), he sleeps wherever he pleases, I buy him several toys each yes, he's very much loved. Though some people say he is spoiled or that I'm crazy because he's "just a dog". But he's not just a dog to me. He's my baby, just like one of my kids. LoL