Sunday, August 23, 2009

Dog food allergies?

In July's newsletter, we told you about "How to rate your dog food" and we received a lot of responses back from that! It's so nice to see so many people actually care about what they are feeding their dogs!

One thing I've just started having to deal with is a dog who I think has become allergic to her food. She's 9 years old and she's been on one of the top rated foods for several years. But recently they changed the formula and suddenly she started breaking out in sores on her body and she's experiencing hair loss where the sores are. She's not itching them at all, it appears she isn't even aware of the sores. I have 2 dogs and the other one has had no reaction to the food at all.

So we're going through the list of foods again, and trying to pin point exactly what she's allergic to. If your dog suddenly has sores and hair loss, and is NOT itching them - check your dog's food ingredients. The slightest change in the food could be the problem. She has another vet appointment this week so we'll let you know if we find out any further information!

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