Tuesday, July 26, 2011

How much does your chihuahua shed?

Question for all you Chihuahua owners out there... how much does your chihuahua shed?  We have a Chi, Annabelle, who just turned 1 year old.  She sheds more than anything I've ever seen!  Her hair is EVERYWHERE.  And I mean, everywhere.  BF who loves her dearly is really having a hard time dealing with it. We knew chi's shed a little, but we've never experienced any dog who shed this much.  If you were to hold her for 3 seconds you'd look you were attacked by a herd of German Shepherds or something!  How can so much hair come from a 7lb chihuahua?   You can even see it in the air sometimes when you're walking through a room.  I'm sure the fans & A/C helps blow it around, but how is it possible for that much hair to fall off a little dog like this to begin with?  Is this normal?  She doesn't look like she's lost any hair at all - but it's EVERYWHERE!  We tried bathing her, brushing her, etc - nothing helps calm the sea of Annabelle hair in our home. 

We love her dearly, and she's our baby, and getting rid of her is NOT AN OPTION.  But, we'd like to know if there's some way to control it.  Does it get better as she gets older?

Can anyone offer any insight? 


  1. i have three chihuahuas and none of them shed. but i do have two miniature fox terriers ( rat terriers ) and one has the longer hair. he sheds 24/ 7 /365. Smiling Jack is a lover and like you getting rid of him is not an option... but yeah. he sheds horrible. My female Chihuahua Molly has the longer hair and doesn't shed.
    My daughter had a cocker mix that shed and she used to get some liquid to put on her food that kept her from shedding so bad.

  2. I have two Chi's and they both REALLY shed. When you hold them, there's hair ALL over you....And it's all overmy bed, etc. I do lots of vacuuming and dusting...I don't know what else to do for them because I, too, brush and brush and brush and bathe. lol. It sucks, but I deal with it because they're my babies.

  3. i have a 8 month old chi and he didnt start to shed till a few weeks ago, its october 1st today. so im wondering the same thing. is it a winter coat thing ?

  4. Hi - I'm told by our vet that chihuahuas are natural shedders. They can be one of the dogs that shed the most. We didn't know this before we got our Annabelle, but that doesn't matter anymore because we love her so much! We've found that by brushing her regularly (daily) keeps the shedding to a minimum.

  5. Try BLUE Dog Food for puppies or for small bread dogs, that has made my Chihuahua/Maltese stop shedding for the summer at least and his coat has gotten sooooo soft from it, it was stiff like a board and now it's sooo soft. This is the best dog food out there, great for allergies too. I'm still trying to decide if my dog is a chihuahua/maltese or a Pomeranian/Maltese but the shedding is just as you described, really can see it in my black leather 2013 Honda CRV wow!!