Thursday, February 10, 2011

Blood in dog's urine...

Alexis, our min-pin, now has blood in her urine.  We called the vet and have a 4:15pm appt for today... anxiously awaiting the appointment.  I'm a nervous wreck and I hope it is nothing serious.  She hasn't eaten since last night, wouldn't touch her food or even treats today.  Will post updates after our appt...


  1. Oh no, Alexis! We'll say a prayer for you ... our dear fellow Minpin XOXOX hello Valerie!

  2. Yes, please post updates....

    I'm going through a similar situation with my Chi. There has been blood in his urine, sometimes JUST blood, for months. He went to the vet TWICE. He's had tiny crystal particles removed/flushed from his bladder. He DOES eat and play like normal, but the blood has continued somewhat. The vet is baffled. He's run tests- he's basically 100% healthy and normal except for that blood.

    We think it may even be stressed induced. Who knows. It's very odd.

  3. Thanks, Susie, for the prayers! I'm so worried about her!

    Jenny - that is very strange that your vet can't figure out what is wrong with your dog. That's got to be very frustrating.

    Alexis is almost 11 years old now, and she's overweight (is on meds for hypothyroidism) and for the last week or so she's been drinking a LOT, and peeing a LOT! Just today the blood started. I read online that it could just be a UTI and I'm hoping that's all it is... but I have a bad feeling about this. But, I tend to overreact when it comes to my dogs because I just love them so much and worry about them so much.

    Our appt is in about an hour, so hopefully we'll be back shortly with good news and just antibiotics. And I hope your Chi gets back to normal soon, poor thing!