Saturday, July 17, 2010

Mom, time to get up!!

I've been having trouble sleeping lately - the past week I only got a few hours of sleep each night.  Last night I was FINALLY able to fall right asleep.  And I slept right through.. until 4 hours later, at 5:30am this morning.  I woke up to Alexis, my min-pin, on my chest, her nose to mine, glaring at me.  I open my eyes and she starts patting my face with her paw and her tail is wiggling so fast I thought she was going to propel off the bed.  I look at the clock - 5:30am - and told her "come on, go back to sleep" and I take her off me and lay her next to me.  She jumps back up on me and starts licking my face and still pawing at my face, making an excited squealing sound. 

I figured she wanted to go out.  So I drag myself out of bed, go downstairs, and go outside with her.  She just sits there looking at me like "what are we doing out here?"  I tell her to go potty and she just looks at me.

I go back inside, and she follows.  Next thing I know, she's flying past me up the stairs.  I go back in the bedroom and she's back in bed, under the covers, sleeping.

She's very lucky she's so cute.  And I do remind her of this daily.

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