Monday, April 12, 2010

Mysterious min-pin eye issue

So you already know I have a min-pin, her name is Alexis.  She just turned 10 a couple weeks ago.  Min-pins are known for having eye problems, and I've always known this but have not experienced it before.  She does have a white dot in the center of her right eye though that she's had for many years.  Vet said it was probably "fatty deposit" and it could be there forever, it could move around, even go to the other eye (how is that possible?).  So we've lived with this for years and it's never affected her at all.

Saturday morning, she wakes up and is unable to open her right eye.  I look at it and I see what looks like a scratch right above the white dot.   Her eye is all puffy and draining... and she keeps rubbing it.  So I call my vets and naturally, they were already closed.  I called the after-hours Emergency Vet and I get this voicemail that says they are closed and "do not leave a message". ??   So I ended up just rinsing her eye out myself with saline throughout the day and it did seem to ease her pain a little.  She already had an appt for Monday at her regular vets with a tech to get her nails done and I thought for sure I'd be calling in Monday AM to change that to a Dr. visit instead.

Anyways, Sunday her eye seems better but she's still got her eye closed a lot but she can open it.  And she was still rubbing it.   I kept rinsing it out with saline, much to her dissatisfaction.

Today I wake up and voila!  Eye is COMPLETELY FINE!  No scratch, no puffiness, no redness, no nothing.  I'm eyeballing her eye and she's looking at me like, what are you looking at??

Take her to the vets today and they said her eye looks completely fine.  So what do you think it could have been?  It looked like a scratch on her eyeball, and if it was something ON her eyeball, it wasn't moving.  Could it have been allergies?  Vet didn't have any idea since her eye was completely fine when they saw her.  Maybe it was God answering my prayers all weekend!

All I know for sure is I'm relieved and very thankful that she's ok.  Had me worried out of my mind all weekend!  I think worrying about her is going to be the death of me someday... lol


  1. We've been missing you all! Alexis, sorry about your eye.
    I think she might have scratched her eye on a tree, bush, or twig. It could also be from something in the house that she walked by too closely. Isn't it strange how pets (and kids) can be totally fine once you take them to the doctor? I think it was wise to rinse with saline.. wash out any impurities.. and I know for sure that praying can bring miracles. And God does love ALL his creations!

  2. Hi Susie! We've missed you guys too! I still have your picture of "Berry Sweet Alexis" as my wallpaper on my computer :) It's been a very hectic few months but things are starting to get back to normal again.

    I too would have thought Alexis got something in her eye while she was outside - but she was fine when we went to bed and she woke up with her eye being like this. She hadn't even been outside yet Sat. morning. As far as I know she hadn't gotten into anything in the middle of the night... but she can be a sneaky one so who really knows! But it was definitely something indoors. I wish they could talk and tell us what happened! lol

  3. My min pin has one bottom half of her eye swollen once a week. This has been going on for a year. I Give her a half a Benadryl.
    It usually takes hours to go down. We changed her diet, we stopped using any kinds of household air freshness. We are baffled at what causes this.