Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Product Review: Neater Feeder

I blogged a little while ago about these new dog feeders I had just bought from QVC, called Neater Feeders.  Well they arrived yesterday, and my dogs just had their 3rd meal in them - and I have to say, I absolutely LOVE them!!

I bought Alexis the cranberry one and Sammy got the brown one.

The feeders come with optional leg extensions, which I used for both of my dogs.  When I bought them, I wasn't sure if I was going to use the extensions for Alexis' feeder because I thought it would be too high for her, but it's not.  They are the perfect size for both of my dogs!  No more neck strain to eat out of a bowl on the floor.  And they each have their own water bowls as well, which I love - because Alexis has this thing about splashing in her water bowl with all 4 paws.  I'll have to blog about that another time :)

So let me tell you a little more about the feeders.  They arrived in such a small box I actually thought it was something else I had ordered.  They feeder itself arrived in 2 pieces, and the leg extensions were in a separate bag.   Here's what's really cool about the feeders. The top part is a nice wide area with a mesh grate area in the front, so it is spill proof.  All the food your dog drops will stay on top - but all water spilled will drain into the tray below!

If your dogs bump into this feeder, or if you kicked it, etc - the water will not spill onto your floor!

Sammy is a much messier eater than Alexis and here's his feeder.  You can see how all his food stays on top of the tray instead of on the floor!

Anyways, these feeders come in 3 sizes through QVC.  A small dog size, a large dog size, and a cat size - the one for the cats has wider bowls to allow for the cat's whiskers! They thought of everything.

I've tried so many different feeders & bowls over the years, but I've finally found one I really love.   Removable stainless steel bowls, spill-proof, virtually mess-proof (for the floors), they are lightweight, and are a comfortable feeding system for your dog - what's not to love??   I rate this 5 stars!

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