Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Make your own dog food

I have posted before how you can rate your dog's pre-packaged dog food.  But lately I'm liking pre-packaged dog food less and less. Even the ones that are supposed to be so healthy have a lot of additives and things in there I don't like.   So I came up with a way to make my own dog food, something I know is healthy for them and that they will love to eat. 

If you're like me, you always have left overs that you end up throwing away.  We eat a lot of chicken in our house.  Like, at least 5 days a week we eat chicken.  Chicken is very affordable, and very healthy!

I usually make my own rotisserie chickens but today at the grocery store I was feeling lazy and decided to buy one.  I very rarely eat left overs, so what ever was left of the rotisserie chicken would have gone in the garbage.  So here's what I did instead.

I have a little $10 food processor I bought at Walmart a while ago.   I got it out, and take off the leftover pieces of chicken meat.  I do NOT include bones, skin or any fat pieces.  Pretty much just the white meat and a little dark meat.   I put the meat in my food processor and grind it up.

I grind it up real good, and then pour it into a sealed container:

Sometimes I add fresh veges to it, like ground up baby carrots, broccoli, anything my dogs like.  Then I put the container in the fridge.  When it's time for dinner, I give them this fresh, ground up food and also throw a little bit of their doggie kibble in the dish for crunch (it's good for their teeth) and they eat it up like crazy!  If I have gravy I'll store that separately and pour just a little in their dish for extra flavor.

Last night we had tacos.  My dogs would eat the entire pan of taco meat if I let them.  So what I did - was all the meat that was left over, I placed in a strainer and rinsed it off real good, to get as much of the spices off the meat as possible.  Then I placed the meat in the grinder with some baby carrots and got this:

Last week I made chicken soup with brown rice, and ground up some left over pieces of chicken and the rice for them.

I feel so much better feeding them something I know is good for them, food they love, and I don't have to worry about all those "mystery" ingredients they are consuming.  And the next time there is a dog food scare I won't have to worry if my dogs are in danger.


  1. That's awesome! meat, carrots, rice, and vegies are so good for doggies anyway, and getting that from homemade and real foods is even better! Chiqi LOVES carrots, so that hamburger/carrot mixture sure looks appetizing for her! LOL

  2. How great...of course, that would mean I would have to make dinner for my kids as well! Thanks for stopping by!!

  3. I routinely buy 97% fat free ground turkey, boil it with some spinach and a handful of bulk barley (not instant). Drain, portion out in freezer bags, get the air out. Freeze. Then defrost in frig and feed that over green beans to my dogs. I have 5 including one Doberman. They are in excellent health and love their meals. They get that for breakfast. Dinner is green beans with a little bit of Solid Gold kibble.

  4. Feeding mostly meat with little or no bone is not a balanced diet.