Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Creatures of habit

We are definitely a creature of habit, aren't we?  I don't always realize it until my dogs point out to me that we are.

  • I take one step out of bed in the morning and both dogs run to the bathroom door, way ahead of me.  Alexis (my min-pin) has her nose pressed against the corner of the door, waiting for me to open it.  They know that the first stop in the morning is the bathroom.  
  • As soon as I turn out the light in the bathroom they run into my office, because they know that's the next stop (have to check my emails).  Alexis once again, is way ahead of me, with her little nose pressed against the office door.  I open it and they run in. 
  • I stand up from my office chair and they both run downstairs and stand with their little noses pressed against the door to the basement.  They know I always let them out as soon as we go downstairs. (They have doggie doors in the basement that take them outside).  I open the basement door and they go flying down the steps.  As usual, I yell to them to "go slow!!!!"  I'm so afraid they are going to go flying off those stairs one day, they get so excited to go out.  I hear them fly out the doggie doors.   I go outside too, but much slower :)  I'm not quite as anxious as they are to explore the back yard in the mornings.  I check my garden when I get out and do some laundry in the basement and then head back upstairs.  
  • As soon as I start walking up the steps, I hear what sounds like a small herd of elephants.  The dogs are flying back UP the stairs, because it's time for breakfast!  They stand in front of their bowls and do their little dances and make their "feed me, I'm wilting away" noises.  I grab their bowls and they run into the pantry, and they stop right in front of the pantry door where their food is.  I grab their food and they once again go flying into the kitchen to be fed.  
  • After they eat, they run upstairs to fight over their favorite sleeping spots in my office.
  • At night time, when I turn the tv off, they both jump up (even though they are usually sound asleep until then) and they run downstairs to go potty (they know they are not allowed in bed until they do!).  While I'm turning off all the lights, locking all the doors, etc - they are upstairs and already in bed.    Anxiously awaiting morning to begin the cycle all over again.
At first I thought my dogs had psychic abilities, but then realized they have just studied my every move very closely and are trying to tell me that I am just a creature of habit.

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