Sunday, August 23, 2009

Update to: Dog food allergies?

My min-pin, Alexis, had her vet appt today for the sores & bald spots she was getting on her body. The vet did some blood work for hypothyroidism which we won't know the results until next week, but she thinks they are just allergies. She said it could be from her food, but it's more likely from something in her "environment" that she's allergic to. She said there's probably something outside or even inside the house that is causing these allergies. Just like people, dogs can develop allergies at any stage in their life.

She prescribed her some Animax cream that I have to apply to her sores 2x a day. She said if the cream doesn't help we can put her on antibiotics but she only wanted to do that as a last resort. I have several tubes of Animax cream throughout the house that I've needed to use for Alexis for various things over the last couple of years and she reacts really well to it, so I'm confident this will cure the sores.

I'm looking forward to getting the results back from her blood tests next week as well. I'm just relieved the vet didn't think it was anything serious!

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