Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sleeping with the dogs

I have a Queen sized bed.  I have 2 small dogs.  A miniature pinscher, Alexis - 12 lbs, and a shiteranian (Shih-tzu & pomeranian mix), Sammy, 28 lbs.
How is it possible that they take up 90% of a Queen sized bed at night???

There should be PLENTY of room! Right?  I sleep on the left side.  Sammy sleeps on top of the blankets, near the open window, enjoying the breeze.  Usually on his back, sprawled out with all 4 paws up in the air while he sleeps.   Alexis, the min-pin, is under the covers, right up against me.  In the winter I call her my little furnace under the covers.  In the summer?  I try to slide her over so her body heat doesn't make ME overheat.  She scooches right back.  Maybe she thinks it's a game.   I slide you over, you scooch right back. Let's see how many times we can play this game tonight.   And no matter how hot it is, she always sleeps UNDER the covers.  I worry that she can't get air under there, so I try to take the covers off of her, or at least her head so she can breathe, but that only makes her get deeper under the covers.  After 9 years I've come to terms with it.

So I wake up this morning to Sammy gently patting me on the face, and Alexis under the covers as close as she can get to me, covering my arm with doggie kisses.  My little canine alarm clocks are telling me it's time to get up and start our day!

Just as every morning, I open my eyes and see that I am left with only a corner of the comforter and I'm all the way on the edge of the bed, actually laying ON the edge.  The dogs, once again, have taken up 90% of the Queen sized bed.  How is this possible?  I see lots of empty space on the RIGHT hand side of the bed - but no, they have to sqeeze their furry little bodies into my territory.
Perhaps I should just sleep on the floor!  But then again, I've fallen asleep on the floor and they will lay right up against me and sleep with me on the floor as well.
I guess this is what it's like to be loved by our fur babies!  And for the record, I wouldn't give it up for anything :)

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